Guido Carvajal (President)Guido Carvajal (President)

Guido is a Biochemical Engineer currently undertaking his PhD at UNSW. His work focuses on the analysis of reliability and performance of water recycling plants using Bayesian networks.

Daniela Opitz (Vice President)Daniela Opitz (Vice President)

Daniela is doing a Ph.D in Astronomy. She got an astronomy B.Sc. degree at the University of Chile and now, she is part of the UNSW Exoplanetary Science Group. Her thesis project focuses on the study of the coolest Y-type brown dwarfs in the Solar Neighbourhood.

Domingo Jullian (Treasurer)Domingo Jullian (Treasurer)

I’m a Materials Engineer and I’m currently working as a PhD candidate on the High Temperature Materials group, towards developing new corrosion resistant alloys for more efficient and cleaner power generation. My project deals with improving the understanding of high temperature corrosion on Fe-Ni-Cr alloys in aggressive gas environments.

Alicia Guerrero (ARC delegate)Alicia Guerrero (ARC delegate)

I’m a Marine Biologist and current PhD candidate at UNSW. My greatest passion is the study of marine mammals. As part of my research, I’m looking at the composition of the adipose tissue in Antarctic seals, as a tool to predict their diet.

Chantal Márquez (Secretary)Chantal Márquez (Secretary)

Chantal is a Molecular Biotechnology Engineer from the University of Chile and currently she is doing a PhD at the UNSW. The aim of her research project is discovering new host cell factors involved in the uncoating of HIV-1.

Romina CayumilRomina Cayumil

Romina is a Metallurgical Engineer from the University of Concepción currently studying a PhD. Her work is focused on the recovery of valuable materials from electronic wastes in an environmentally sustainable way. She is very enthusiastic in waste valorization and in seeking solutions to improve mining processes.

Claudio AracenaClaudio Aracena

Claudio is Industrial Engineer from the University of Chile. Currently doing a Master in IT & Management at the University of Sydney.

David RebolledoDavid Rebolledo

David is a Ph.D in Astronomy of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. He is currently working at the University of Sydney as a Postdoctoral Research Associate and at the UNSW as a Postdoctoral Research Visitor. His research has been mainly focused on the study of the interstellar medium and the star formation process in the Milky Way and nearby spiral galaxies

Alfonso AnabalónAlfonso Anabalón

Alfonso is a Hydraulic Civil Engineer / Hydrogeologist. He obtained his B.Sc. degree at Universidad de Chile and is currently studying a Master of Engineering at UNSW. His professional interests are Water Management, Water Risk, Climate Change and Hydrogeology.

Kimie SuzukiKimie Suzuki

I am Mining Engineer and Master in Mining from the University of Chile. My area of interest is mining geomechanics. The main focus of my work is developing a rock mass classification framework to be applied in block caving mines.

Nicole RodriguezNicole Rodriguez

Nicole Rodriguez is a professional secretary. She has worked as teacher assistant for english-spanish schools in USA. She is currently living in Sydney accompanying her husband.

Claudia EcheverriaClaudia Echeverria

Claudia is a passionate Eco-social entrepreneur and Holistic facilitator based in the Blue Mountains. She is currently pursuing a PhD at UNSW researching about Architectural biotechnologies with natural fibres, transforming waste-fibres into high performance sustainable materials.

Ricardo AlvarezRicardo Alvarez

I studied marine biology at Universidad Austral de Chile and a Master of Science in Imperial College London. Currently, I am undertaking a PhD in Biological Science in the School of Biological, Earth and Environment Science at UNSW. My research interest is the spatial ecology and conservation of threatened species of marine mammal in South America.

Belén OpazoBelén Opazo

Belén is an attorney / Bachelor of Law (LL.B) from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She is studying a Master of Corporate Law in Universidad de Valencia, Spain. Currently she is working in her research about corporate criminal liability in Sydney accompanying her husband.

Francisco Javier LizanaFrancisco Javier Lizana

Francisco is a 29 years old student doing a master in mining engineering at UNSW. Francisco got his professional degree in 2011 as civil industrial engineer, with a major on mining engineering, from Pontificia Universidad Católica, PUC

Pamela SepúlvedaPamela Sepúlveda

Pamela is living in Sydney accompanying Samuel during his Master’s studies. She is currently dedicated to raise and educate her little son, and constantly looking for educational resources for child development

Samuel LeivaSamuel Leiva

I’m a Environmental Engineer from the University of Santiago, with 18 years of experience in domestic and international social-environmental campaigns. Currently doing a Master in Public Policy and Governance at the School of Social Science at the UNSW.

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